Simone G., One More Moment

“Some of the feedback I've heard back from the guest that attended was that your servers were very attentive and also kind and gracious in packing up food for them to take home. The bartenders were great and fast. The food display and set up was gorgeous and I probably could have eaten all the meatballs myself - but I didn't (and was very happy with that decision the next morning).

We do truly appreciate how accommodating you've been - even the last few days - in modifying our order for us to help bring the budget closer to where we needed to be. We were still slightly higher than what we had budgeted for, but the changes, in the end, helped quite a bit. I, personally, appreciate the last minute texts and phone calls in helping Sam and Ashley with getting all the necessary sides and garnishes for the drinks. I truly had no idea how to answer their questions, as I am not a caterer/bartender, so thank you for being there to save me!” 

- Simone G., One More Moment