Spectacular food expertly presented with edge and creativity!


Tavolina, created by Savco Hospitality, is Ann Arbor's most innovative catering and events solution, bringing the energy and refinement of Sava'sAventura, and Babo
to you!

Tavolina was sparked by the idea that real, honest food, delivered with passion and style could and should be experienced anywhere! For years, our loyal guests have asked us to bring the Savco Hospitality experience beyond the restaurants and into their homes, offices and places of gathering. We're eager to oblige and excited to bring the restaurant to you!

Tavolina, also happens to be the Albanian word for “table”, which like in many cultures, is the heart of the home. It is at the table where many of life’s most meaningful moments are shared and it is at the table where you will experience the most exceptional gestures of generosity, warmth, and hospitality. Naturally, given Sava’s Albanian heritage and her commitment to connecting people with good food, the symbol of a table feels perfect for the newest venture.

We would be honored to be invited to your table!



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You’re busy…
Let us handle coordinating the details. 

A fabulous spread is essential but events often require a little (or a lot of) extra zing to make them a success.  You may need help finding a color scheme that suits the theme of your event.  Or you’d like to do something a little extra, whether with invitations or floral arrangements, but not sure what… You’ve come to the right place. Let us help and let’s have some fun!  

A bit lower on the fun-meter is the often frustrating task of coordinating the equipment to support your event – plate rentals, linens, giveaways, etc.  We’ve planned enough events to be able to estimate how many glasses of wine your guests will drink and how many wine glasses you’ll need. 

Discovering exciting ingredients, designing beautiful environments, and creating experiences that are memorable to all of the senses. Our Creativity sets us apart!





-    Full-on Event Planning
-    Alcohol Coordination
-    Venue Recommendations
-    Event Theme Ideas
-    Floral Design
-    Table Design
-    Tents and Rental Items
-    Specialty Furniture
-    AV and Lighting Equipment
-    Entertainment
-    Creative Extras